PSP vs. DSbattery life – pretty excellent for my purposes. The PSP can go on my commute in and commute out of the city, and most of the way back in until it runs out of juice. I haven’t yet run the DS out of battery. I, in fact, left it sitting on my desk for a month, if not longer. When I opened it up, it popped right back up where it was left off. Eerie (sp? That word looks funny).

Shiira, Browser of Power – approx 2 hours of use, 3 or so unexplained oddities, but zero crashes. Acceptible…but the jury’s still out. Edit Another unexplained oddity. Still no crash. Have lost the occasional connection, moreso than elsewhere.

DS ergonomics – do not play the DS on your knee on the subway. The subway bumping around actually makes controlling worse. Instead, make sure to hold up the DS, then your arms can act as a shock-absorber.

Video Game Annoyances – how many of these reduce down to ‘crappy savepoints’? It’s interesting – continuous savepoints is Bad (I think) (Luck Through it, multi-savepoint arc), and super-sparse savepoints is bad (Makes Learn-by-dying, Jumpey-jumpey, Attrition Death, and some forms of Cruel and Unusual Punishment as obnoxious as they are.) Only I can do that, but my character can’t, My own AI is dumber than me and Camera’d to death have nothing to do with them. Perhaps this is my own savepoint phobia. I have seen that I get stressed and play worse the farther I am from a savepoint…

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