The Flying Dutchman 3

So why write the stupid thing again? I’ve written it already – in writing it again, I’m solving problems that potential non-users already didn’t have for something that didn’t exist yet (not). Why not fix what was actually, in practice broken – the marketing – and definitely do something about the god-awful UI, and see if I can’t get some application developers to point their users towards it?

And then, maybe, I can try and develop a 2.0 UI with more of a Federated and less of a Centralized model for data (applications list, user list, etc)?

So I have to think like a businessman, not a programmer. The programmer says:

  1. Get DB up
  2. Get appserver up
  3. Get applications up
  4. update developer documentation
  5. update website
  6. get developers on-board

But that’s the completely backwards way to do it. The real way is:

  1. Get developers on-board
  2. update website
  3. update dev. documentation
  4. Do ‘boring’ technical stuff

Now that I’ve finished the laundry – I will ponder these things and consider if it’s really something I want to try to do again. Ugh.

Housing Hell/Flying Dutchman 2

So I’m in the middle of a terrible housing crunch, where I’m trying my damnedest to find an apartment, and realizing that I’m not going to quite make June 1…what a mess.

So needless to say, I haven’t been blogging like I should.

But! In the world of couch-surfing which I am starting to enter, ‘nomadic computing’ lifestyles start to appeal. And what does that remind you of, eh?! Why, good ole’ NetServ or AppsLink or ShitThing or whatever the hell I last called it.

That plus a strong ‘disconnected mode’ piece as discussed elsewhere in this blog sounds intriguing, eh?

Or, I could just buy myself an iBook and be done with it. Which might be easier 🙂

The thing which makes me think about this, still, to this day, is that I’ve seen some – very few mind you, but some – applications which actually are better as web applications than as conventional ones. Just some, and just rarely. But it gets you to thinking – from an IT standpoint, web applications are infinitely superior – that we already know. But if from a usability and flexibility and power standpoint, if they are getting this good, then maybe _all_ development will be web applications? Who knows.

Having a way to make all of these nifty apps all be usable in concert with eachother certainly sounds nice…but, jeez, I can’t go and make the same goddamned thing again. ARGH.

C’mon – I mean really! Who writes the same stupid piece of software _over_and_over_again. Retards like me who are waiting for the Dryer to finish, that’s who. People who think their last pass at that windmill went badly just because of a particular patch of uneven ground, and that the next one will be better.

Well, hopefully this is simply exhaustion talking, and nomadicness (nomadicity?). I don’t have the strength to try and do the same thing again – at least, not without getting developers to sign up, first. Dammit.