Dive into Mark. Ruby on Rails.

I enjoy reading Dive into Mark. It’s a good blog.

Sometimes I agree with him. Sometimes I agree wit him, but disagree with how he says something. And sometimes, not only do I disagree with something he’s said but I disagree with how he’s said it.

This is one of the latter times.

The level of ad Hominem attacks in the article is off the scale.

Let me distill it down for you. Ruby focuses on ease of development. It does not focus on performance. They’re talking about a site there that has gotten itself to 11,000 requests per second. That’s a lot. That’s a fucking lot. And if you have that, you’re going to be doing some tuning and tweaking and who knows what. I know this from experience. But some dipshit started whining that it was Rails’ fault. Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I don’t think there’s any kind of web development framework that exists today that you can scale up to that level and not notice some kind of performance degradation. Hell, even if it’s in your own code. I have scaled applications up factors of a hundred times on some of the highest-performing web application servers in existence, and hell yes it strained my database, and hell yes I had to optimize stuff all over the place.

These web-dev guys wouldn’t even have a site were it not for Rails – they’d still be pounding on whatever other language they were working in. Then they certainly wouldn’t have these scaling problems, because they wouldn’t fucking exist! The developer doing the whining isn’t actually whining that hard – he’s talking about what is going on with him, and DHH, if he were smarter, would’ve shut the fuck up. But he didn’t. I mean, seriously, you’re the largest fucking Rails site on the web, and you have scaling problems? OF FUCKING COURSE!!! You’re the largest $BLAH site on the web, you do anything performey, and you will probably be dealing with performance issues. For any value of $BLAH.

It’s all so stupid. Webdude guy answered questions he was asked, DHH stupidly did some kind of counter-spin, and Mark, even more stupidly, is doing counter-counter spin because he’s a Python weenie.

You’re all morons. Die.

Thank you, and have a nice day.