So this twitter thing is actually working for me, shockingly enough.
I'm starting to write little bits here and there and its making me
miss updating my blog.

So! Here's stuff I should've blogged about but didn't.

1) I have an xbox. Its pretty. Its noisy. I'm shocked at the shitty
games out for it, though there are some gems. Bioshock is awesome.

2) assassin's creed – very very cool bits in it, some repetitiveness
in some places. I'll make it to the end.

3) iPhone software announcement. Disappointing. Lame. Pay to play? Ug.
Only distributing through iTunes? Limiting. Not shocking, but oh well.
I thought apple would only sign apps that needed network access. That
would've made sense. I hope the iPhone hackers keep making progress to
keep apple honest.

4) I cannot imagine life without an iPhone. Was I really alive before I had one? No.

5) MacBook air – I have one for work. Tiny, light, gorgeous display.
Thermal issues though. I'll exchange it when I have time.



So as my millions of fans have begun complaining about my infrequent posting as of late, I thought I would try and hook up with this Twitter thing. It also has to do with my desire to not grow up and try and get hip to all of what the young kids are doing. Quite frankly, I don’t yet get it. But, if nothing else, it will allow me to send little short text message blurbs about what I’m doing or thinking and allow them to show up somewhere where people can see ’em.

I only just hooked it up to my phone – I should’ve done that before, it’s far more…’immediate’ that way. We’ll see. Keep an eye out on my little twittery section on the upper right hand corner (or wherever else I may have put it) of my blog.