Braydix is now LightDesktop

So I have new downloads of the Braydix thing – I’ve been able to shave boot times way down with the new 2.6.30.x series kernel. I’ve also simplified and stripped down the bootstrap system to help speed the boot times further.

While I was tearing everything up and smooshing it back together, I also took the opportunity to start renaming it to the name I think I’ll be using going forward: LightDesktop. I made a website too (well, I repurposed a botched previous website I made at least…). I actually enjoyed making the text on the website because I went with a far more informal tone for fellow nerds – the only ones likely to ever look at or use the thing.

I’m still unhappy with how it works on my crappy little Asus netbook, but it’s pretty solid on Craptop (my Toshiba). I think there’s something funny with the wireless drivers for the ath5k, but I’m too exhausted to look into it much.

Downloads are up: ISO and FAT fs image for USB memory sticks.