So, I'll only mention stuff you haven't heard.

It's fast.

It's tiny, but heavy. Perhaps it's the glass?

The UI and OS are awesome.

Best mobile web browser ever.

I think a couple of point releases and it'll be really great. It's
already pretty good, well, great.

Little tiny bugs pop up here and there, but no real dealbreakers.

I want GAMES, dammit! And I need a password wallet thingee.

Keyboard is not as fast as a blackberry (or treo) keyboard, but it's
ok. Only ok.

It's extremely pleasant to use. Little need for any manual.

Battery life's ok, managed to drain it during a day of very heavy usage.

I think it's important to differentiate between the hardware and the
OS. The hardware is really cool. The OS is insane.

The only real step backwards for me is the keyboard. I'm just not as
fast with it as I am on a treo or blackberry keyboard. And I expect to
get faster, but still…

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