more than 10 megs smaller
powers off computer when browser quits
branded home page
fixed font metrics (yay!)
runs on a machine with 256MB RAM (unless you’re Bryan)
little Grub menu thingee may help with resolution.
Linux virtual terminal support (ctrl-alt-F1,f2,f3) so you can see what’s going on


So this is the latest n’ greatest of Braydix. Ah, that rhymes, kinda.


It has bits that look ugly, and the VGA detection isn’t very good, and it only works with Ethernet, but it works for me (not for Bryan, because he did something bad in a past life) on one of my two computers, and in VirtualBox. The font metrics are screwed up for some reason, too. And you can’t actually install it, it only runs off of the CD. It would be a trivial matter to make it run off a USB thumb drive, too, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, this is 33 or 34 MB, it’s just got a huge initramfs, and no root filesystem. This makes things soooo much easier. I think it messes with memory usage a bit, but it ran fine on a 256MB machine with, like, a Pentium 2 or some horrible CPU like that. The browser is actually the Qt demo browser – totally untouched by me (to the point that it still boots to a web page).

My next steps are probably to work on making it installable from USB, get better graphics drivers loading up, maybe get some wifi going…maybe fiddle with getting it to launch from /sbin/init, and get it to shut down without complaining. Oh, and get it to load/save bookmarks from Teh IntarWebz. All in due time, perhaps.

CSS vs. Tables II – The Tables Strike Back

Read this about CSS and tables – with a really good example. Finally, someone who can make the argument I haven’t been able to verbalize. Thank you.

edit – Maybe we can say ‘OK, I may still use tables – but NO NESTED TABLES!’. Once you’re nesting them you’re doing something pretty freaky. You’re going wayyyyyy too far into the positioning realm using tables. And maintainability is going to be horrendous. So, bad. How ’bout that?

Edit 2



No real difference in the tagfulness there, so what are you saving by avoiding the table?