The Flying Dutchman 3

So why write the stupid thing again? I’ve written it already – in writing it again, I’m solving problems that potential non-users already didn’t have for something that didn’t exist yet (not). Why not fix what was actually, in practice broken – the marketing – and definitely do something about the god-awful UI, and see if I can’t get some application developers to point their users towards it?

And then, maybe, I can try and develop a 2.0 UI with more of a Federated and less of a Centralized model for data (applications list, user list, etc)?

So I have to think like a businessman, not a programmer. The programmer says:

  1. Get DB up
  2. Get appserver up
  3. Get applications up
  4. update developer documentation
  5. update website
  6. get developers on-board

But that’s the completely backwards way to do it. The real way is:

  1. Get developers on-board
  2. update website
  3. update dev. documentation
  4. Do ‘boring’ technical stuff

Now that I’ve finished the laundry – I will ponder these things and consider if it’s really something I want to try to do again. Ugh.

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