Blogging about my blog

My Blog – How much does my blog look like very other New Yorker’s blog? A lot:

  • Whining about Tourists – check
  • Talking about Subways – check
  • Inappropriate use of the word ‘Fuck’ – check

And how much of it is like any other would-be-tech pundit’s blog? Let’s see:

  • Ruby on Rails reference – check
  • Web 2.0 Derision – check
  • Web 2.0 Envy – check
  • Java Hatred – check
  • Making imaginary replies to other pundits – check

And what do we think about my list usage, hmm?

  • It is nice
  • It is good
  • I like it

Perhaps it’s my inappropriate and excessive <ul> tagging that makes me unique.

Seriously, though, I like some of my posts. Some stuff. Some is non-unique. Some is more unique. I suppose that is about average?

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