Web Browser Review

Considering my terrible troubles earlier today, I thought I would compose a little post comparing and contrasting the various web browsers I’ve used, and my opinions of them.

  1. Firefox – Sucks.
  2. Safari – Sucks.
  3. Opera – Sucks.
  4. IE/Win – Sucks ALOT.
  5. IE/Mac – Sucks in such a fashion as to try to collapse the universe around it.
  6. Lynx – Sucks
  7. Links – Sucks
  8. Flock – Sucks
  9. Camino – Sucks
  10. Mozilla – Sucks
  11. Netscape Navicommuniwhatever – Sucks, bloatedly
  12. Telnet Port 80 – and its sibling, openssl s_client -connect – Good

Thank you.

I hate you all.

Edit PS – Bryan wants me to try Shiira. I will do so, but only out of spite. Hate hate hate.
Edit 2 PPS – My re-attempt at using Camino has now ended. Test duration: 15 minutes. Thank you.

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