Grumble grumble. Very tired. New title implies new responsibility. Nothing’s for free. My coffee is good this morning. Dog escaped from her makeshift pen last night to sleep with us. Very cute, but she makes jingling noises from her collar when she moves. That plus late-night “green zone” server maintenance means tired. Ugh.

Sad to see Palm sell Treos with Windows Mobile. Though, if they’re good, I’ll buy one. I like Palm, and all things being equal, want them to win, but if the MS solution is really nice, then maybe I’ll use it. My last few experiences with the platform have been horrific. But that was years ago. Maybe it’s better now? MS does relentlessly improve its products when it doesn’t own a market. And it doesn’t have this one. Yet.

And Apple has a media event set for the….12th was it? Many say it’s the video iPod. I don’t really care. I hope it’s new tablet-formfactor x86 pbooks. That would rock. But seems kinda unlikely, no? And tablets barely sell in the Windows world, so Steve coming out with one would be very…Steve. The new iApple doesn’t need to be first, it just comes in and takes a market when it’s ready. But what we’re talking about here is still just a wish. Sigh.

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