So Here’s my Quarter-Baked Idea

So here’s my quarter-baked idea. (I don’t mean I’m partially stoned). I was thinking about building a firefox plug-in that does some stuff – first, it would just synch your bookmarks to a central server. Username/password, poof. Been done before, you say, and right you are. Next we store which windows are open and maybe even (if possible) their state (which form controls you’ve selected, etc). so you can move computer to computer, without closing out your browser windows. Wouldn’t that be neat? I think so. Next, you make it hold on to your username/passwords for Auto-Fill. So you just auth once to this central server and you get all your shit! Next you make it so that it logs you in to your various applications, in the background. Very neat! I was thinking at first about just centralizing cookies, but I don’t think that’s how to do it.

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