So tonight, I’m coming back from my Thursday Night Video Games, and I unfortunately have to sit next to these guys in suits, one of whom takes up two seats – one of my pet peeves. That doesn’t seem like a suit thing to do, so I look at them. Fashionable facial hair, those plug style earings – and the cases that one of them are carrying are cylindrical. And wide – drums. They’re a rock band. Must be in suits for some promotional thing – dunno.

So here I am, slightly jealous of these (maybe?) succesful rock guys taking up too many seats. A homeless guy gives his schpiel. Where is his accent from? Midwest? Carribean? It’s subtle. One of the suit guys – one who’s standing – starts fishing in his pocket – out of towners? The homeless guy homes in on his mark. He does the quiet, one-on-one version of his schpiel. The standing rock star in his suit tries to get out of his way, then eventually realizes he’s been targetted and says he can’t spare anything. The train stops, the suit rock star goes down for a second, and the homeless guy starts SCREAMING “Aaaaaaaaaeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwww…” oh shit! The other folk in the car look shaken. Did our rockstar fall on the homeless man?

No. The homeless guy is just screaming to punish the car, and the rockstars, for not paying. He’s actually saying “Ooooooh you’re too something to something something Ooooooooh….something…” The fellow car-occupants crack a few smiles.

Very funny.

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