My fast review:

  • The screen is MASSIVE. 1024×768, but feels even larger. Because you tend to hold it naturally closer to your face. It feels completely huge, and like it extends into your peripheral vision. It feels more expansive than my MacBook Pro display, and that is 1440×900.
  • It is FAST as SHIT. Crap. Damn. Wow.
  • A lot of the apps you have are no longer necessary. For example, Facebook. Not needed any more. Just use the full website, it’s fine!
  • It’s heavier than I expected. That’s a little problematic when you need to hold it up the same way you hold a book. It’s heavier than a book.
  • Synchronization is a bitch. Do I have that note on my iphone, ipad, or my MacBook? Or is it synced? This really really sucks.
  • How do I carry this thing? If I have to carry my laptop bag, I’ll have my laptop. This is totally unanswered and makes it hard for me to figure out how to integrate this into my life. So far, I carry both. This is a shitty solution. And although I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, I don’t think I can swing carrying a man-bag.
  • It’s much, much better for cuddling up on the couch or on the bed. I think I may not carry my laptop to the couch when I’m trying to go ‘off duty’. Instead, I’ll just walk over with my iPad.
  • The drawing app I got – trying to replace my paper notebook – would work better with a stylus. Swiping your finger around the screen tends to have a lot of ‘drag’, and it doesn’t feel right, and it feels like it obscures too much of the display.
  • I can’t speak to the 3G part because I haven’t activated it yet. We’ll see. It kept pestering me every half hour or so to activate my 3G until I found out the control to turn it off.

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