Lightdesktop tweaks

The console font wasn’t fixed-width so using the console was driving me crazy. Fixed. I changed the filesystem to point to the new domain (big pain in the ass). Tweaked the installer and filesystem so the /boot directory is fully under the control of crestfs. New parallel version of crestfs. Fewer pauses, much good. Added make and gcc and lots of stuff so you can now compile things (still not self-hosting though). Put in an ACPI daemon so you can close your laptop lid and the system might go to sleep (doesn’t work perfectly yet). /etc/ is the next directory to get taken over by crestfs, but will be a bit of a challenge because some things like to write in there, and there are a couple of very odd symlinks that point to /proc or /tmp, and crestfs won’t let you make symlinks like that.

Ran into some huge disappointments with davfs2 though – write performance isn’t very good, It won’t let you connect if you don’t have an internet connection, and you apparently can’t make symlinks, and all of that really really sucks. I’m going to replace it with something that I figure I will eventually merge back into crestfs. I figured I was going to have to do this eventually, but it came sooner than I had hoped. I already have code for doing HTTP GET requests, and directory listings and so on – basically the ‘read’ side of the equation – so I don’t think it will be too horrible to get the write side going with PUT and POST (what I’ll be using for symlinks) and DELETE…

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