Braydix v0.2

Well, I got some time, and I upgraded my laptop to 4GB, and I finished copying stuff from various other machines I’ve been using, so I got a chance to poke around my Braydix CD project. I was able to clean out a decent number of megs, and fix two…rather crushing bugs.

Bug #1 – reported by Bryan – it doesn’t actually work, at all. So I figured I’d make it work. That seems like a good fix.
Bug #2 – discovered by me, once I made the CD thing work. It uses static nameservers that only work in my house. For people who aren’t in my house, this is probably a good fix.

Issue #1 was actually the stupid VMWare install getting its filthy tendrils into my systems, so it tried to always use vmxnet drivers for the ethernet card. That only works in VMware, not in real life.

I still have some ideas for this thing to make it more ‘interesting’, hopefully nothing so complicated or difficult so that I won’t end up doing it…

So it’s here, I’m still throwing these up on this mediafire thingee because it’s free.

2 thoughts on “Braydix v0.2”

  1. So, I installed Bradyix with VirtualBox, and it worked fine, although I could not connect to any SSL sites (Error code: ssl_error_generate_random_failure)

  2. Curse you, Bryan! Always with your finding-of-bugs!

    Now that you mention it, I’m sure I didn’t do any openssl stuff, and I bet that Firefox wants openssl or something in order to connect to secure websites and whatnot. Feh. Well, it’s still a good enough proof of concept.

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