Goddamned wireless crap

Okay. I’ve run wireless B, G. I’ve used the “official, recommended” US Channels, and ones that aren’t. I’ve used a great piece of software called Air Traffic Control to keep an eye out for less-used channels. I’ve bought cordless phones that are ‘wireless network friendly.’ I’ve even upgraded to 802.11n, using an Apple Airport. That seems to work…better, but it cuts down pretty heavily on range.

You name it, I’ve done it, and the network in my house is still flaky. Nothing comes close the cozy networking level where everything just works, like good ole Ethernet. So I’ve bought a NetGear powerline ethernet extender thingee. A hunnert bucks from Best Buy, could’ve gotten it cheaper from the internet but I was impatient.

I have one doodad in the living room, one in the far-away-from-living-room, and hook ethernet into either one. Then it Just Works. Literally, like, 5 minutes of work. So far it’s been pretty solid.

This may be the solution to the Urban Wifi Blues. I hope so.


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