So I had just flown back from one of my first business meetings with my new comnpany. It was very exciting, but very…angst-inspiring? Nervousy? Whatever. So I was going to get back around 5:30pm, and I knew the iphone was being released at 6:00pm. So I figured I would just get one online, or saturday, or something. I dunno. But I got home pretty quick, and the launch was just then happening, and I was reading good ole' Engadget. And the editor there was #115ish or something in line, and got his within 20 minutes or so. I did some math in my head and figured, hey, why not!? And I went.

I got into the portable barrier arrangement, and worked my way towards the front of the store. Store employees were waiting out front applauding those who snagged them. I longed to be one of those people.

No more than 15 or maybe even 10 minutes later, I was in! More store employees pointed me to the register if you were "ready to buy." Of course I was. I've been ready to buy for a few months now. I got in, and went straight to a register(?!) I got out, iPhone in hand.

Now I had promised a relative staying at my father's house I woulkd visit, so that would be my next destination. Waiting a few hours to play with my new toy? Not a probllem, I'd been waiting months already and torturing those around me by telling them about it. But I realezed, as I was walking down 59th st., that I was going to look rather…conspicuous. You see, my father's house isn't in a really good neighborhood, and the iphone "bag" (a box with strings really) kinda…sticks out. I was in a panic. Someone will steal my iphone!!

Luckily, I spot a Duane Reade bag. I threw the bag in the DR bag – now it looks like I'm carrying a box of videotapes. The bag is unclean and worn, and I spotted it only 10 or 20 feet from a homeless guy but…my investment must be protected.

Now I'm on my way back home. I can't wait. I will return with more details. Hopefully, this will be my last post from my Blackberry.

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