Short Note: Camino

I used FlashBlock on my Firefox to only load Flash content on demand, and missed this feature in Camino when I found that it was bogging down on the same.

I found: CamiTools. The original author, who is brilliant but a prick, no longer offers the software for download, so the versiontracker link is the only one I found that works.

Lovely, lovely Flashblocker, you are now back. I missed you so!

Edit – doesn’t work too hot on Intel Macs! DAMMIT! IT works fine on my work Mini, my home MacBook is complaining. Argh!

4 thoughts on “Short Note: Camino”

  1. hi, this the “prick” speaking!

    I recalled CamiTools because
    – it won’t work with the next version of Camino
    – there are problems with the CamiBlock feature
    – and mostly important: I switched to Safari after years of using Camino

    Camino is nice but its development is way too slow.


  2. I don’t dispute your reasons – those are all fine – just why not put up the source and keep the binaries up? I had to go searching for it. It’s still valuable – maybe not for you, but definitely for me, and others.

  3. So macWorld just gave the current Opera a half star more than Firefox. My Opera days are way dated. Haven’t ran the app in over a year. Any thoughts about this browser?

  4. I ran it for a short while as my main browser – VERY VERY inexpensive on the resources side, decent to snappy performance – and later builds are much nicer than the earlier ones. That being said, I had rendering problems, and javascript problems, and various odd quirks here and there that kept me from loving it as much as I could.

    Camino keeps staying out of my way – and when it degrades, it tends to degrade gracefully without knocking down my entire machine or making me restart Camino and lose all my work.

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