DS Notes

Battery life – commute in and out (2 hrs), plus a full commute ‘in’…(already it’s a touch better than the PSP)…

Edit – and a full commute out, and now another full commute in (though the battery light is red, so I’m afraid to go on any hard missions for fear I’ll lose my progress!)

So that would be more than twice as good as the PSP.

But I have to say, I think Nintendo overshot the mark. You don’t need that level of battery life – do you?

And I feel like the PSP has the right ‘mindset’ in terms of its simplicity – a ‘brick’ form-factor, single screen, conventional controls, easy to port PS/2 games (similar hardware I think)…

But I don’t know. Those load times are terrible. The PSP is losing shelf space (well, for the movies, at least). The DS has the buzz – and the new DS Lite which looks like it’s very pretty.

Edit 2 Okay, I finally ran the DS out of juice. Here’s the final results:

PSP: 1 full commute (in-n-out) + 1 commute in (running out of power right before my station, in fact, but that’s close enough). That equates to –

PSP: 3 hours, approx

DS: 2 full commutes (in-n-out, in-n-out) + 1 commute in (the light was red during the last half of this), and another 15 or 20 minutes on top of that (enough to get me another Octolith in Metroid Prime!).

DS: 5 hours, approx

Luckily I had saved before it actually ran out of power. But I was in the middle of running around on a board. See what I do for you, my dear two readers?

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