Ahead of my own time…sigh…

So. Anyone read slashdot? They have a nice little article about various little webOS’es out there. Isn’t that nice?

Fucking hell. I did that already, like 3 years ago. Before we had XMLHttpRequests, and had to do everything in iframes.

And it was more OS’ey, too. Most of these all seem to work under the premise of centrally distributed applications – mine was an OS ‘center’ that reached out (redirected the user) to application servers.

So it’s depressing. They’re all getting the press. I had this stuff done, oh, I don’t even remember when…well, according to Sourceforge – 2002.

It’s too bad, too – I had some …well, let’s not call them decent. Shitty. Applications. But they did more than the ‘ajaxey clock!’ and other crap I’m seeing. ew.

I had a file system, goddamit! and an API!

Now I feel old.

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