First day on the job

So today’s my first day on the job as the CTO of Volchok. Well, it’s definitely the first day, since it’s just after 12:00am…

Apparently something’s going on with the office DSL line. Possibly a DOS attack. How flattering. To figure out what had to happen, I had to kinda realize that while we can blip or line for 10 or 15 mins here or there, we cannot be full-down for a day. So I’ve had to come in. Uck.

Michael was already in the office and the problem appears just as bad with the router plugged in to our LAN as not.

P.S. – I’m writing this on mobile blogging software called “PlogIt” – jury’s still out, but the idea’s pretty cool at least.

Edited to fix title, and change time. Feh.

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