Materials Selection

What the hell do you put in these crazy things? I know I’m allowed to say the word “fuck”, and am very excited about that. How do I use it and where? Can I say things that might piss off one of the companies I work for? Or both? Or my friends or family? Is it not even a good idea to have one for fear of making my private life publicly accessible?

I think I’ve read stories about people who accidentally allowed their family or whatever to see their blog, and allowed for embarassing information to get out. That would, I suppose, be bad. If I choose to write about such things. Which I don’t know that I will do.


btw – how clever am I – I was going to try to publish from the subway to see if PlogIt would catch that I wasn’t connected, but I figured, “hey, why not select all on my post then hit copy, in case it nukes my post?” It did, so I hit paste. Heh. Underestimate your technology and you’ll never be disappointed.

First day on the job

So today’s my first day on the job as the CTO of Volchok. Well, it’s definitely the first day, since it’s just after 12:00am…

Apparently something’s going on with the office DSL line. Possibly a DOS attack. How flattering. To figure out what had to happen, I had to kinda realize that while we can blip or line for 10 or 15 mins here or there, we cannot be full-down for a day. So I’ve had to come in. Uck.

Michael was already in the office and the problem appears just as bad with the router plugged in to our LAN as not.

P.S. – I’m writing this on mobile blogging software called “PlogIt” – jury’s still out, but the idea’s pretty cool at least.

Edited to fix title, and change time. Feh.