Scattered sleepless thoughts

We had a server problem at work – not my Main Premier SuperDuper Redundant Awesome server, but my Shitty OS X Server cobbled-together software RAID server. And I got literally zero sleep. Until I went home at around noon to catch a few hours and come back and finish the job. These are my thoughts without any organization. If you don’t like it too bad.

#1) Jumpey-jumpey is actually a specific incidence of boolean death, which is teh real problem. Most games nowadays avoid it – for instance, in GTA, if you’re at full health, a sniper rifle shot will not kill you, it will just take you down to a sliver of health (the same with a Chainsaw hit). Boolean death is really only a sin in a game which has a continuous health system. However, a heavy-hurting thing (like the chainsaw or sniper rifle) PLUS a long level where it’s almost impossible to get through wihtout losing a sliver of health can result in you getting attritioned out

#A) HFS+ is not a file system. HFS+ is a Shit System. It’s a system for being Shit. If you think data is nice, and you like your data, you would be wise not to put it on an HFS+ Volume.

I) Cyrus is an imap/pop server that CORRUPTS its mail database when the server is full. Let me repeat that, because, well, it bears repeating. Cyrus corrupts its mail database when the server gets full. That such a thing actually exists in production, and it is the default mailserver (MDA?) on OS X is an abomination.

α) Mac OS X Server is not my favorite server platform. If I see another rainbow beachball I will kill someone. But Mac hardware rocks. Firewire is your friend. So nice.

0) Being good at what you do doesn’t mean Not Failing. Because if you don’t ever fail it means you aren’t really trying very hard. It means instead Failing Well. Not just giving up and saying ‘eh, fuck it.’ It means trying your best, and making sure that other people get what they need. I think it can be kinda Noble

∞) Subway Stories Volume infinity: So I was sitting othe train playing Backgammon on my ridiculously shitty and cheap (but very cheap on the minutes) phone. I win one, I lose one – and I realize that it really depends more on your die rolls than how well you play, because the end result is to try to move your pips….

HEPP! PRAISE GOD! Praisehimpraisehimpraisehim JESUS! JESUS IS LORD! JESUS…<breaks into song>Jesus is wonderful, god is blah blah…SEVENTH DAY!

Nearly scared the shit out of me, that lady.

Anyways, thank you for hearing my disconnected rant. I am on 4 hours sleep. So be nice. Due to the fantabulousity that is Firewire, the files on my busted server are being transferred as we speak to the Not Busted Server, and all shall be well soon enough.